2016 Catalog

2016 Sale Catalog. Click on the image to open the catalog in your browser, or right click and choose "Save As" to save it to your computer.

2016 Sale Catalog. Click on the image to open the catalog in your browser, or right click and choose “Save As” to save it to your computer.

Dear Red Angus Friends,

It is a pleasure to welcome you to our 42nd Annual Loosli Red Angus Production Sale. We have had 42
great years of meeting new people, visiting your ranches, establishing lasting friendships, and seeing new
generations arise and continue with the Red Angus traditions. We have also had 42 years of continuing to
make our program better! We appreciate the trust you have put in our program over these 42 years and we
are looking forward to many more. Your satisfaction is our continued future.

The cattle industry is still in some rebuilding years and the purchase of high quality breeding stock is more
important now that ever. During these restructuring years, this is where you can count on our program to
improve genetics and help you remain profitable. Balance is what we strive for… bulls that are balanced in
many areas are more profitable. We are confident that our balanced brand of performance, quality and
proven genetics will help maintain and, more importantly, improve your herd.

You will be impressed with the cattle we are featuring this year! We are introducing the progeny from
several new herd sires… Brown Tremendous, Ludvigson Record Breaker, and Loosli Fort Douglas. We will
also be selling a great selection of proven progeny from Brown Redemption, 5L Country Roads, PIE Red
Label, 5L Objective, and On Edge. These calves have been great and exceeded our expectations in many

We are offering a great selection of 80 stylish heifers. You will find these females to have an outstanding
combination of great pedigrees and carry a very well-balanced set of EPDs. You will be impressed with their
natural muscle, wide tops, and great udders, and of course, good disposition.
The Red Angus Association is currently updating their data base information. This will result in more
accurate information for you, the buyers of Red Angus cattle. As we write this catalog, the process is still
taking place and the numbers/data will continue to change and be updated. We will strive to have the most
current information on our website and at our sale.

We are extremely proud of our sale selection this year and welcome your calls to discuss your cattle needs.
Please look through the catalog and visit our website at www.Loosliredangus.com to view our powerful
genetics. You will also be able to watch and bid online through LiveAuctions.TV. We believe the decisions
you make today will determine at what level you will be participating in the cattle markets of tomorrow. We
look forward to seeing you Wednesday, March 16, 2016.

Brian and Karen Loosli