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Dear Red Angus Friends

It is a pleasure to welcome you to our 48th Annual Loosli Red Angus Production Sale. We appreciate the many years of support and owe our customers a special thank you. We are reminded daily how fortunate we are to be involved in the cattle business and count this as one of our many blessings. Being part of the ever-growing Red Angus breed is something we take great pride in. We have been continually striving to improve our herd, being consistent yet progressive, because your satisfaction is our continued success.

We are in some interesting times throughout the world, and this affects the cattle industry. However, the Red Angus Breed continues to move forward and lead the industry with tremendous interest and demand. A recent USDA announcement will now allow Red Angus cattle to be included in Angus labeled branded beef programs, a big step forward. Again, data from Superior Livestock has shown that “Red Angus females command up to $11/cwt more than females of all other breed types…” These improvements will continue the premium pricing that the Red Angus breed brings.

Red Angus cattle prove themselves with low-maintenance, high fertility/maternal qualities, calving ease, and of course, great dispositions… many natural advantages. This is where you can count on our program to improve genetics and help you remain profitable. We want to increase value to your herd…not low-cost production or high-cost production, but rather, efficient production to wean more calves. Balance! We strive for balance because bulls that are balanced in many areas are more profitable. We feel we have something that will benefit any cattle operation.

Our sale is packed with established genetics from breed-influencing sires and dams. This bull offering features some exciting genetics with the numbers to match. The Red Angus Association’s ProS Index (Profitability and Sustainability Index) covers/rates economically relevant traits from conception to carcass and works with the HerdBuilder and GridMaster indexes as a reliable selection tool. You can view the 13 traits under the New ProS Index section on the back inside cover of this catalog. This current group of bulls is rated very high in the New ProS Index!

Heifers! The Red Angus replacement heifers are some of the fastest growing components of the beef business. They have been labeled as the Most-Favored Female. You will love our great selection of 80 stylish heifers and will be impressed with their natural muscle, wide tops, great udders, and sound disposition. Because every herd sire begins with a powerful mother, we make sure our heifers have an outstanding combination of great mothering traits, pedigrees and carry a well-balanced set of EPDs.

You will be pleased as we run the bulls and heifers through the sale ring. You can view the cattle any time before the sale or watch the online videos on our website. We have great people to assist you and thank these true ranch helpers that perform the valuable day-to-day tasks!

We are extremely proud of our sale selection this year and welcome your calls to discuss your cattle needs. Please look through the catalog and visit our website at to view pictures, videos, and updated EPDs of our powerful genetics. We want to invite you to our ranch in Ashton, Idaho, on Tuesday, March 8, 2022, to have a delicious lunch and be part of this great sale. You can also watch/bid online through LiveAuctions.TV.

Thank you,

Brian and Karen Loosli & Family